Wednesday, November 2, 2011

After 2 months

Y-ELOOOOWW!!! Yeah, super duper happy cause exams over. =D Except for the form 5's though. Heh heh, soreee seniors. But anyway, yes, it has been apporximately 2 months since the last post and you guys surely have been wondering "GASP, what's taking so long!" Well, speaking of exams, I have a testimony to share with you guys.
It all started a month agoooo *background slowly changes to past*

I was going to school, like Piglet here in the picture. Actually, I never knew went to school but anyways, everything was as its usual self UNTIL

My nose became runny! Runny noses are uber annoying. And as always, MR. Runny nose will fire a flare signal to invite Mr Cough. Usually, coughs are suppose to bid you farewell after a week tops but noooo, Mr Cough enjoyed his stay and decided to hang around with Mr Runny for another week. And Mr Cough didn't even pay for his stay!

Oh wait, it did. He paid using his Master Annoyance Credit card and introduced all kinds of funny bacteria that really made a mess. So, in total, my cough lasted for a month because Mr Cough wanted to stay again. Yes, to hang out with Mr Runny. Don't those two know when to stop? Geeez.

And if a cough lasts for a month, it's dead SERIOUS. It may lead to bronchitis or other diseases. So when I went to visit the doctor, I was told that I had bronchitis!? This made me EXTREMELY SCARED. I mean, who wants your bronchus to be INFLAMED??? Unless, you do, well then...I respect your decision. I never expected to have Bronchitis at all. Learnt it in Science, but I thought that it'll just stay in the books and not be in ME.

So, being extremely terrified, I prayed. But somehow, the cough still stayed. Later on, I soon became worried that I may be having some other disease like Cancer or suddenly have breathing problems and I'd be rushed to the hospital.

And all this was during the midst of exams. Thank God for it actually because exams really took my mind of my problem. No matter how much I pray, the cough won't go away. (woah, I just ryhmed) Mr Cough haunts me everyday saying the same old thing, "Sorry, but I really like it here. Can I stay for just one more week??" *GASP, NOOOOO!!!* It's like God isn't answering my prayers at all. I know He's listening, but it's taking a really long time. So how long do I have to wait? I was even considering the fact that I may actually have cancer, and maybe God would use me as a "cancer patient" to inspire people but still, I really didn't want to have cancer or any other diseases in fact.

So, after much anxiety that have probably killed me days ago, I went to see a specialist. And guess what? Me got no Bronchitis! YES!! Probably my bronchitis healed from medication but whatever it is, I was really relieved that I don't have anything that serious. And I found out about it on the last day of exam, so yea, uber happiness here. Pheeewww

I guess you can kinda figure what the moral of the story is and I bet you've heard plenty of it. Whatever you're praying for, just keep praying. Of course not the evil stuff lar. But anyway, God will be listening to your prayers.And even if God says NO to your prayer, He'll give you a BETTER YES! It's all in God's timing. Put it this way, God knows the END from the BEGINNING, so we can TRUST HIM with everything in between.

In Peter 1:5-7, it says "Cast all your anxiety on Him because He cares for you"

It's kinda hard to consistenly pray for something sometimes because it seems that God's not listening or not answer your prayer. But we should trust God in His decisions and remember, God will answer your prayer with either a YES or NO. But if He says NO, He'll give you a BETTER YES.

So jst keep praying, praying, praying

( those who have watched Finding Nemo wld get this )

Also, check the cf board/blog yea cause there will be updates regarding CF.

Yup, so enjoy your holidays, make good use of it and all the best to the Form 5's. =D

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