Saturday, August 30, 2008

2Days Before Merdeka!

Hey CF-er-er-er-er-SSSS!

I hope you guys had fun playing Bible Charades(?_?)
I know I did.
Seeing you guys act out those parts were SOOO FUNNY.
Especially when the subject changed from bible charades to R@nD0M Char4d3s!

I loved the penguins cleaning their butts one. xD

But anyways, as our country Merdeka's for the 51th time.
Its time we do our part.

Soo, continue to pray for our country and our leaders. Especially with all the political problems up and about.
Oh, and also pray for the coming exams.
So happy Merdeka-ness and God Bless!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Bible Charades

Heya people!

So its no more holidays and yes more school. No more laze in bed till lunch time and yes more wake up at 6.30 in the morning for school time.

But who cares?! We're gona have CF! *yeah!!!

So anyways,this Friday we are having...


AT 12.45 - 2.00


So stop on by and lets have some fun!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Please Pray For..

..Hwa Yi Jien, who has been missing since Aug 11th. He went on a hiking trip alone in Glacier National Park, USA. He is my ex pastor's son (Rev. HwaChien).

"Around 50 searchers set out shortly after daybreak this morning(Aug 25) too look for Yi-Jien Hwa, who was last seen on August 11th, and planned to finish his back country hike through Glacier on August 18th. His car was found in the Logan Pass Visitors Center parking lot."

"Most of the teams are flown out of the backcountry at nightfall, but one crew is remaining overnight to continue searching in more remote areas."

The weather has not been clear. It was snowing in the higher areas and raining in the lower parts. The search team cannot do much with such weather.

The search team has not given up yet but according to Yi Jien's mother who has flown to USA- they seem discouraged.

So please pray that the search team does not lose hope and continue to have the motivation to search for Yi Jien. Also, pray that God will lead the searchers to the exact area so that they'll be able to find Yi Jien. The area is very vast and the searchers have already searched at all the areas with high probabilities. Pray that God will keep Yi Jien alive as they continue to search for him.

Lastly, pray for his family- his wife, Siu Yin, his mother, brother and sister during this difficult time.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Its Already Hols!

It was FRIDAY yesterday and as everyone knew, the day after that would be the start of term hols. Ee yay! And what better way to top it all off with a nice session of games!

So we had games, and it was fun. The game coordinators : Daniel Sim, Johanan, and Si Khay wanted us to be dogs for a half-hour, so they FORCED us all to play "Dogs & Sisa-Sisa Makanan" xD

What we had to do :
1. Get into groups of 10
2. Then ask someone in the group to donate his/her shoe into the middle of the circle.
3. *Die in the smellyness of the awful shoe stench*
4. Each member shout out a number from 1 - 5. So that there will be a pair for each number.
5. Once all the groups were done.
6. It was time to play!

How to play, when a number was called out, the pair that corresponds with that number must try and grab that shoe from the middle and whoever gets it must get back to their place, while the other must try to catch that person before s/he can do that.

It was quite obvious everyone was having fun and cuz whole hall was filled with screams and laughter.Till next next week people.

Happy Hols and God Bless ^^

Monday, August 11, 2008

3PW! ♥

Hi Cferrrrr's

As the all new and shiny publicity head, I am now sorta officially in charge of this blog from now on!
Let us all prophesize the soon to be, death of this blog.

Anyways, Last Friday 8.8.08 <--- So auspicious.
We had " 3 PW "! Which stands for Praise, Passion, Prayer and Worship.
It was a great time of praising and worshiping God and also praying to God with all our hearts.

Ooh! Elena led worship and she was great *but its obviously because there were such good worship dept. members doing their jobs oh so well*.

On the other hand, This is a very important note from our teacher advisor Pn.Saik
And this is especially meant for guys because.. Ahem.."To all you boys who tuck out your shirt during cf. Try not to do it. Because it looks sloppy and we all don't want cf members to look sloppy right?"

Ok, Im out.