Monday, June 23, 2008

Feature Friday (Part 2)

This week we'll be having Part Twuuu of Feature Friday!
For those of you who came for CF last week, you would have heard Mr Chuah speaking about The Heart.
Thank you Mr Chuah for sharing with us, we love you and wish you all the best as you foray on to Singapore!
This week we're having something different.
But don't worry you'll definitely enjoy yourselves and probably even learn something new. :)
Meet us at
Block F
from 1.00-2.00pm
27th June 2008
See you then you loverly people!!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

On Ben Barnes and the Bible

If you have the time, you must catch this. Why?
Because Ben Barnes is in it.
No, really.
I'm sorry, guys you can just admire the ... centaurs or something.

Well there are better reasons of course (though it's hard to imagine a better reason than *sigh* Ben Barnes). The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian is a beautifully crafted movie. But even more, it's a beautifully crafted allegory of Christianity.

If (or when) you've found the time to kick back and enjoy the thrill, take 5 minutes to think through some of the thoughtful little parallels that you can find in the movie. Ponder- what does it mean, what does it refer to, what can I learn?

Here are a few to put you on the right track.

1. When Lucy says that she saw Aslan, Peter asks why he didn't see Aslan too. Lucy replies, "Maybe you weren't looking."

2. Peter utters that he wishes Aslan had given some "proof" of his presence in the forest. Little Lucy replies, "Maybe we're the ones who need to prove ourselves to him."

3. Peter strategises an attack on Miraz's castle without Aslan's guidance. He goes ahead with his own plans even after Lucy reminds him, "Have you forgotten who really defeated the White Witch, Peter?"

Unless the Lord builds the house, its builders labor in vain.
Unless the Lord watches over the city, the watchmen stand guard in vain.
Psalms 127:1

4. The werwolf and the hag summon up the White Witch through an occult ceremony. Peter knows that her powers are evil yet the longer he stares at her and listens to her coaxing, the more he is drawn towards her.

She stretches out her hand sweetly saying "You know you can't do this without me, Peter."

5. Aslan ends the story be healing brave Reepicheeps tail. (read Matthew 12)

Monday, June 16, 2008

Feature Fridays (Part 1)

Hellooo everyone !

These coming two Fridays are going to be Feature Fridays!

haha, Why are they called Feature Fridays? Because we're going to be featuring a special theme!

The Theme

PART 1 (20th June 2008)

our very own Mr Chuah who will be speaking to us on his last day !

so come and make alot of noise and cheer for him and surround him and make him feel special. :) you definitely don't wanna miss it !

it'll be loads of awesome fun !

1.00-2.00 pm
Block F (check the board for any changes)

be there!


Sunday, June 15, 2008

Information for BK candidates for SPM

Please ensure that you register 

by 15th July 2008

Take note that :

Our aim is to promote Bible kNowledge in schools. Hence, our policy is to pair students from the same school in the team event-see (a) below. This will also create fewer problems in the distribution of certificates and in keeping of challenge trophies.

There will be 2 categories of quiz participants:

  (a) SPM BK QUIZ- teams of two students(both F5, or F4 or F4F5)

        part 1 : All teams enter Part 1.

                    50 objective questions to be answered in 30 minutes.

                    Marks from both teams members added and carried to Part 2

                    Maximum score is 100 marks

        Part 2: All teams enter Part 2

                   10 questions requiring short answers will be asked orally.

                   The top 30 teams enter Part 3-others are eliminated.

                    Maximum score is 30 marks

        Part 3: Starts with a knock-out round-short answer questions similar to Part 2 above. 

                    Top 5 teams survive to the Finals.

                    Maximum score for semi-finals is 35 marks.

                    Finals: Begins with speed round questions(15 marks) and end with context    

                    questions (10 marks) where conferring is not allowed.

                    Maximum score for finals is 15+10=25 marks


BK08- individual participation(any student from F1-F6/College students)

     50 objective questions to be answered in 40 minutes. Runs simultaneously with Part 1  of SPM BK QUIZ

Students who are registered for (a) MAY NOT register fro (b).

Mixed-school teams (from the same zone) are only allowed for singles who have no partner from the same school.

Text that will be tested:

   SPM BK QUIZ: The Gospel of Luke and Book of Acts(GNB)

   BK08: The Speeches of the apostle Paul and Peter in the Book of Acts.(GNB)

Get more details from the websites at and 

Please regiser via your school CF. If your school has no CF, you can register via your BK Teacher. Take note that there are different registration forms for registration through school and Bk centre. Use the correct registration form.

-Rules, sample questions, quiz day program, map to quiz venue, ID stickers and other materials will only be posted out after the closing date for registration i.e. after 15th July 2008. It is important that you provide full address details when filling in registration forms so that these materials can reach you by post.

-The registrar would prefer if you can email the names and particulars of participants to to minimize spelling mistakes. Please supply full names. If you are faxing in/posting us your forms, please ensure that handwriting is neat and legible.

-Even one applicant is welcomed.

For further enquiries, please contact the following: 

  Mrs. Tee Heng Chan : 03-78465512/ 016-2979160    (General Enquiries)

  Ms Ng Lai Na : 03-777841503/ 012-2951503  (Registration Enquiries)

  MS Jenny Ho : 03-79565310 (Accommodations for outstation participants)


Please register Early

We Will only allow late changes due to unforseen circumstances. Do bear in mind that registered Names will be passed on to several other committees to facilitate the smooth running of the quiz on the quiz day. Therefore, try to minimize late chnages and do keep the registrar fully informed of any and all changes.

* The organiser appreciates your fullest cooperation in this matter. Thank you

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

13th June 2008

Hello there !

How was your 2 week long break? :) 
pleasant, i hope.

Anyway, we haven't had CF in a while now. 
But do not fret because meetings are on again this Friday !

We'll be watching an awesome video
You'll have to come to find out what it's about. ;)

we'll be meeting in the physics lab from 1.00-2.00 pm as usual

See you then !