Saturday, September 10, 2011

We All Get Angry

Hellooooo! How are your studies coming up?? =O *jeng jeng jeeeeennggg* Woah, wait the minute! What are you doing? Don't click on another tab yet buster before reading this awesome article written yet by another Cf-er. =D

We all get angry. Angry, mad, frustrated, furious, irritated, annoyed, exasperated, ireful. Sometimes, we keep in all the anger that we feel, no matter how maddening it can get. & sometimes, when people ask you why you’ve been so quiet & down lately, it all comes out. Everything you’ve been keeping in about that irritating someone/something just comes out. We tend to blurt out what we think, good or bad (mostly bad in this case) to whoever asks, to whoever SEEMS concerned.

Recently, I had gone through something like this. It had been going on for a year – dealing with someone who just wouldn’t stop GOING ON about her problems & her life & what she had to ‘suffer’ everyday, when there was really nothing wrong. She was just over thinking everything, blaming those around her for her problems & making a mountain out of a molehill. I had tried to be patient over the year but I had had ENOUGH by now.

About a week ago, she called me & just went ON & ON about how certain things weren’t her fault, & why was everyone being so unfair, etc. Every time I tried to tell her something, she would interrupt me with another complaint. -_-

I was really REALLY TRYING HARD not to yell, but in the end I did, I yelled some hurtful things & I simply hung up without giving her a chance to answer. Although I was fuming, I was still thinking if I had done the right thing. I wasn’t sure, so when I opened the Bible I found the answer.

Psalm 4:4-5 says “When you are angry do not sin, think about these things quietly as you go to bed. Do what is right as a sacrifice to the Lord & trust the Lord.”

Looking back on the past year, realising I had done the totally WRONG thing by gossiping about this person with others & yelling at her. As Christians, we have to be patient & thoughtful & fair. Although this person definitely hadn’t given me the easiest time, what I SHOULD’VE done (instead of gossiping & all that) was to think about things carefully, control my emotions, pray about it, & trust what God was going to do.

Because even if that’s really hard, as a Christian, we have to do what is right as a sacrifice to the Lord.