Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Helloooo there ! :)

This week CF is having
Games !

At the School Hall

from 1.00-2.00 pm


see you there ! :)

Saturday, April 7, 2007

Easter Drama 2007

hello there :)

It was Good Friday last Friday(06/04/07) so CF had the annual CF Easter Drama during the normal CF meeting time which, if u have yet to know is from 1.00 to 2.00 pm. It was held at the school hall this time.

The hall was half full or maybe even more than half full and this time we got to sit on chairs instead of the floor. *Yay* The meeting started with a wonderful session of worship led by Sara Pang.

Then the Easter Drama started. The story was about three guys- John(played by Jeremy Lee), Aaron (played by Michael Poon) and Josh (played by Johanan)- in the beginning who were just hanging out. Then they were invited to join the army. 
They were reluctant at first but decided to join because apparently
girls like guys in uniforms. 

John didnt want to join in because of the death of his father recently in Germany after he joined the army but gave in the end thinking it was what his dad would have wanted it or something like that. :P
John went home and told his mother about his decision. His mother(played by Sara Pang) was devastated like any other mother would have been.

And so the three friends left for boot camp. 
They met the Camp Commandant/Recruiter (played by Jeremy Lim) and they supposedly, underwent the toughest drilling ever.
After the drilling they were promoted from maggots to Maggots going to Vietnam! hahaha
Upon arriving they were supposed to go behind enemy lines to steal some documents. 
When i say 'they' i mean 
John, Josh, Aaron and Ethan(their new troop leader-which was played by Ethan)

Mission Impossible theme song was played and they rolled around behind the Vietnamese who were asleep at that time . That was funny, well for me anyway. They got the stuff they wanted but on their way back they had to 'fight' the Vietnamese because they saw them. They all start 'fighting' with the help of Carriers played by Su Han, Gene Harn and Kenny. It was so lame but funny . :)

Then when
John's group finds out that the Vietnamese have somehow got some nuclear device they sneak in and disarm it. But they get caught because someone already knows they're coming. The Vietnamese points guns at them. They all raise their hands except for Josh who walks over to the Vietnamese. Apparently, Josh was a traitor. The rest of them were thrown into prison. In the cell, they figure out a plan to escape. They got out of the cell thanks to Ethan's laser pointer. and started rolling around on the floor. :D
Aaron and Ethan diffuses the bomb while John secured the escape route. 
The Vietnamese people appear and started shooting. John tells his two partners to run. They ran-reluctantly. 

Seconds later
  John  got shot. 

The war ended.

Ethan brings the bad news to John's mother (did i mention earlier that this character was played by Sara Pang?) Sara is such a good actress. She made it seem like she was really crying, though I'm not sure if she really was
lah. The narrator (played by Jordan) told the everyone what Easter was about. How Jesus saved us from our sins and died on the cross for us. And that on the third day he rose from the dead. :) And that he is alive today and invites us to be apart of his kingdom.

That pretty much sums up the whole
Easter Drama (though i think i wrote the whole story..oops :P)

It was overall a great drama and all the actors were good. It might not have sounded like it was funny at all but it was lah.
You just need to watch it to know all the jokes and stuff.
If you missed this year's Easter Drama..It's okay, there's always another
Easter Drama.
But if you missed this one. I don't think you would want to  miss the next !