Tuesday, February 19, 2013


HELLO HELLO I hope you guys are doing goooooooooood! :D 

So ummmm YEAHHH the first two meetings of CF have gone by, just like that. *whoooooshhh

&&&& if you missed any of them, but would like to sign up for any department(s), do look for the people in charge ; 

WORSHIP : Lo Hui Ling / James Lim (4 Belian)
P.A. : Ashlyn Ang (5 Angsana)
USHERS : Adeline Ong (4 Balau)
GROUNDS : Joshua Ong
ENCOURAGEMENT : Joshua Lim (4 Cengal)
PUBLICITY : Isabel Chung (4 Angsana)
NEWSLETTER : Karina Lee (4 Balau)
EVENTS : Megan Ooi (5 Angsana) / Eliza Chow (4 Angsana)

It's never too late to sign up, so GOOOOO SIGN UP, teehee. :D (oh, & don't worry, you can sign up for more than one department). 

Hope to see you in CF soon! :] 

P.S : It's not about your ability, it's about your availability.