Monday, October 22, 2012

Step Up Step Down 2012.

Hallo! :D 
Here's an overdue update about Step Up Step Down 2012 (10th Aug, teehee). 

So yup.
CF started off with the ushers waiting by the stairs (their usual haunt on the Fridays that we do have CF), scaring welcoming people with their very loud greetings of "HI, WELCOME TO CF," & whatnot. :D

Soon, the corridor started filling up with people & stuff, so THEY ALL SAT DOWN IN CLASS, yay! :D

Then, worship started, with Yi Fen worship leading, accompanied by Amanda & Yi Qian with Boon Kuan on the guitar.


& then the seniors' testimonies. 





Yvonne & Andrew shared their testimonies too. :] Sadly, there wasn't enough time for every single Form 5 to share their testimony. ):

Then, the 2013 committee was revealed. :]

& the very last CF of the year ended with a word of prayer from Cik Juliana. 

Have a blessed week ahead! :]