Wednesday, February 25, 2009


( ^-^ )
( " ) ( " )
Hello CF-ers!

So anyways,I said to the guy "How come you are charging so much for that eggroll?"
"I'be neber seen it like that so expensib"

OK. So back to being normal.
Well,since exams are around the corner ( ._. seriously )
And semua aktiviti pada minggu ini dibatalkan..

**There is NO CF this Friday, 27th February 2009**

Ah well, I know its sad but lets keep ourselves happy like pappies

by reminding ourselves that CF CAMP 2009 is coming. !yay

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Recuritment Drive !

helloooooo there ! :D

how you guys doing? :)

good, i hope

anyway, there will be a CF Meeting this week!

awesomeblossumpossum right?


 it's basically a day where all the dept heads introduce and explain to you what their depts are incharge of. then we will give all of you a chance to sign up for the various departments!

so come come come and serve the Lord by joining any department at all at CF!

we're meeting at
block F from 12.45-2.00pm

see ya'll then

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Form One Prayer Meetings!

hey there!
That's right, prayer meetings for the Form Ones start tomorrow!
So if you're a form one and you're reading this, tell your friends and bring them to prayer meeting!
if you don't already know,
we meet during your recess at the place between block f and block g.
ohh and we have prayer meetings on wednesdays, thursdays and fridays as stated in the sidebar.
so i hope to see you guys then!
God bless ya'll

Monday, February 2, 2009

There is no CF This week

Hi CF-ers! ( CFer goes "Hi" )

Hehe, anyways, just to remind you all,

There is no CF this week.
*gives handkerchief*

Yes I know its saddening but yeah, life is teh cruel.

So besides that, for those who took the camp forms and
CANNOT go, please return the forms back to Cheryl (5 Batai)
or Tze Lin (5 Balau). Classes are in BLOCK H
This is very important. Please do find the time to come to these classes
to give it to them as there are many people who want to go.