Thursday, November 25, 2010

CF Committee 2011

Dear brothers & sisters in Christ, 
 SMKDJ CF has been and will continue to be, a home to many students who have come together to serve the Lord. Through the years, CFers have been blessed by the Lord through the events and activities organized by our dedicated brothers & sisters in Christ. 
As we continue to uplift one another in prayers, worship and thanksgiving, our lives will continue to be touched by the Lord. Praise be unto our Lord ! 
Here is an introduction to the CF Committee 10/11 :  

Pn. Saik
*Our Morning Session Teacher 
The wise and gentle.

Cik. Juliana
*Our Afternoon Session Teacher
Full of joyfulness and patience.

Timothy Sim
*CF President 10/11
The young & wise shepherd. 

Heidy Quah
*CF Vice President 10/11
Our big sister who lends her ears and hands to all.

Amanda Soh
*CF Vice President 10/11
The very loud girl who brightens up your day.

Yvonne Tan
*CF Head Secretary 10/11
The one who flies with the papers.
Tan Yi Qian
*CF Assistant Secretary
The helpful one.
Andrea Prisha
*CF Treasurer
She makes sure the money doesn't run away.

Jeremy Ang
*CF Worship Leader
Music is his passion but God is his No.1.

Rayshell Wong and Alycia Tan
*CF Assistants Worship
The two lovely worship assistants.
Han Jiang
*CF Head of P.A.
The caring one.

Cassandra Chung
*CF Head of Ushers
Her smile gives the warmest welcome.

Brandon Tan
*CF Assistant Ushers
The multitasker. Hope he's not gone all blue,
after seeing blue cards every week.(We'll pray for him =P)

Chai Tze Kwang
*CF Head of Grounds

The gentle giant and his tables and chairs.

Christopher Tan
*CF Assistant Head of Grounds
Christopher Tan=Chairs and Tables

Hazel Ong
*CF Head of Encouragement
She lights up your face with just a word.

Samantha Koh
*CF Assistant of Encouragement

Her extraordinary cards touches the hearts of people.

Naomi Tan
*CF Head of Publicity
Be touched by her creative announcements on the CF board & blog.

Leong Shin Lin
*CF Assistant Publicity
Youngest assistant to keep all posted

Lim Yi Fen
*CF Head Of the Newsletter Department
Her news never gets you outdated.

Amanda Chan
*CF Assistant Head of the Newsletter Department
Yi Fen's super assistant.

Brenda Chin
*CF Prayer Secretary

Our prayer secretary and always ready to pray for everyone and anyone.

Erica Chan
*CF Events Coordinator 
Spreading the love of God through Recess Revo.

Daniel Ong
*CF Assistant Events Coordinator

 The funny bone of events.

Saturday, November 13, 2010



Love to play instruments? Love to sing?
  Love to worship God?

Then, this is the right opportunity for you! The Worship Department of CF SMKDJ will be having a workshop in the second week of the December holidays; 7th (Tues) to 10th December (Fri) 2010!  

Below are questions that may arise in your head as you see this:
What is the objective of this workshop?
-To raise up new leaders and instrument players!
-To tighten the bond between CF-ers!
-To improve your instrument-playing skills!
-To realize your passion to serve Christ through worship!

So, how does this workshop... work?
First, choose an instrument: acoustic guitar, electric guitar, keyboard, bass, tambourines, or drums
The workshop for the instrument you choose will be held on one of the days mentioned above (7th – 10th Dec). There will be a mentor for each workshop.
On the 10th December (Friday), there will be a full band session where everyone will get the chance to play in a full worship team!
Wait.. what about WORSHIP LEADING? Oh, and VOCALS?
There will be a briefing about worship leading on the 10th December (Friday), before the full band session!
There won’t be any workshops for vocals, but we still do need sign ups as we need vocalists for 10th Dec, Friday when we have our full band session So, do feel free to sign up!

Where? When? What time?
Drums (7th Dec Tuesday, 9.30am – 1.30pm)
Bass (7th Dec Tuesday, 2.30pm – 6.30pm)
Acoustic guitar (8th Dec Wednesday, 9.30am – 1.30pm)
Keyboard (8th Dec Wednesday, 2.30pm – 6.30pm)
Tambourines (9th Dec Thursday, 9.30am – 11.30pm)
Electric Guitar (9th Dec Thursday, 1.30pm – 5.30pm)
Full band session (10th Dec Friday, time to be confirmed later on!)

Details about the venue will be sent out through email/phone ONCE you sign up!

Do I need to bring my own instrument?

Why yes! Of course. However, if you do not own the instrument that you picked, you are still very much welcomed to sign up, but you will most probably have to resort to sharing the instrument with another person.
If you want to avoid the share-with-another-person situation but DON’T own the instrument, you can contact one of us to seek help! We’ll try our very best to do help :)

Should I sign up? How? Where?

Fill up your name, class, hand phone number and email in the paper on the CF notice board and we’ll contact you regarding further details! Or, leave a comment under this post, in the CF chatbox or one of our facebook walls! :)

Any extra details?

Do be aware that signing up for this workshop DOES NOT mean you are signing up for the CF Worship Department!
You should sign up if, and only if you DO have the heart and passion to serve God through worship. “But I’m not very good at anything!” you exclaim. That, can be worked on through hard work and perseverance
“Will this workshop benefit me?” you ask. Well, only YOU can make the best out of it. So ask yourself. (But yes it is beneficial also la You’ll definitely learn new stuff!)

For further enquiries, do ask/call the following:

Jeremy Ang , Alycia Tan or Rayshell Wong 
If you need any of their numbers, you can always ask one of the committee members. List of current committee members are on the right side of the blog! 

We hope to see you there!