Sunday, February 27, 2011


Join us this Friday, Mac 4th at 12.45pm, Block F for a
wonderful time of
This will be followed by
 CF CAMP 2011 Briefing Session.
If you have registered and paid for the CF Camp 2011, please do attend this Briefing Session to find out more details about the CF Camp 2011.
Agape, Naomi JJJ

Feb 26th : Merentas Desa CF Fund Raising - THANK YOU :))

Dear CFers,

Heartiest THANK YOUssss to all of you who helped out with Feb 26th CF Jellies & Lollies Stall
- from the making of the delicious chewy Konnyaku Jellies, cool Icee Lollies and refreshing Ice YoYo to the packing, selling and cleaning on Feb 26th 2011.

Our grateful thanks also goes to Pn Saik & Pn Juliana for their tremendous support and help extended towards making this a successful project.

Part of the funds raised on Feb 26th were contributed to SMKDJ and the balance for CF Camp 2011.

Thanks be to our Lord for His mighty Hands that blessed this fund raising project.

Naomi :))

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Feb 26th : CF Jellies & Lollies stall - Fundraiser for CF Camp

Calling all CFers,

CF will be selling delicious chewy flavored Konnyaku Jellies & sweet Icee Lollies at the Merentas Desa event this Saturday, Feb 26th 2011. This is another fundraiser event for CF Camp.

If you wish to help with the making & packing of these Konnyaku Jellies & Icee Lollies, please contact:
- Naomi Tan (4 Batai) for Konnyaku Jellies (before Feb 25th)
- Yvonne Tan (4 Angsana) for Icee Lollies (by Feb 24th).

CF Jellies & Lollies stall will open at the Canteen after the Merentas Desa event.

After the Merentas Desa, please come over to the stall immediately to help with the packing of the konnyaku jellies for sale and the stall logistics set-up.
Your help is essential in making this fundraising project a success.

Come on over to support this good cause and encourage your friends to buy these delicious chewy Konnyaku Jellies & cool Icee Lollies. Refreshing cool treats on a hot sunny day :))

Let's commit this fundraising project into our Lord's hands.
May He touch every hands that prepare the jellies & lollies; and thank Him for His provision of all the ingredients donated for this project. Bless this project, O Lord; and help us to sell all of the jellies & lollies and raise funds for CF Camp.

In His Love,
Naomi :))

CF Camp : Fund Raising Event - Baking Project.

Hello CFers,

We are raising funds to fund the upcoming CF Camp.
One of the fund raising project was a Baking Project in conjunction with the Chinese New Year.

Jan 20th 2011: Baking Project
25 CFers gathered at 3 baking stations to bake glazed cupcakes, honey cornflakes cups, chocolate chip cookies and peanut cookies.  The ingredients were fully sponsored by our supportive parents.

Many CFers dedicated their public holiday to a wonderful day of baking, food tasting and fellowship.
By God's grace, all of these delicious treats were purchased by families and friends for the Chinese New Year celebration. Funds were raised and channelled to the CF Camp.

My heartfelt gratitude to all of you who contributed their time, sweat, creativity, finances, laughters to the this Baking Project. Most of all, we give thanks to our Lord for His hands and guidance in making this a successful event.

Sample of photos taken of the baking team at Naomi's home.
From these basic ingredients ...........

To delicious glazed cupcakes & honey cornflakes

"Joyful Desserts Chefs with their sweet spread." 

Naomi :))

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Feb 25th 2011 : No CF meeting & CF Camp is around the corner :))

Hi CFers,

There is no CF meeting this Friday, Feb 25th 2011.
Next CF meeting will be on Friday, Mac 4th 2011.

Are all of you excited about the CF Camp ? 21 days countdown to March 16th !
Are you looking forward to the messages that our Lord has planned for us, coming together in unison for prayers & worship, the funtastic games, fellowship and just dwelling in the presence of our Father God ? I am ; and so are many of you :)

Let's continue to uphold this CF camp in our daily prayers :-

- Pray for the Camp Committees as they plan and organize the programmes, for wisdom & guidance;
- Camp speakers as they share God's words that will touch and minister to every souls present daily,
- Camp venue to be filled with the Lord's presence,
- Lovely breezy sunny weather especially during outdoor games,
- Angels sent from the heavenly to protect each and everyone at the camp venue,
- Journey mercies as we travel to & fro; careful bus drivers,
- Agape love demonstrated among all campers,
- Salvation
- Re-dedication of lives to Jesus; and more.

Look out for more updates as the date draws nearer .

Naomi :))

Remember to submit your CF Camp registration form & fees (RM210) to your form representative before March 4th 2011.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

CF Meeting : February 18th 2011

Dear Brothers & Sisters in Christ,

We are blessed that we can come together this Friday, February 18th, 2011 for CF meeting :)
Time : 1245hrs
Venue : 1st floor, Block F.

Please share this with your friends and bring them along for an awesome time of praise & worship, and sharing of our Lord's words and love.

Hope to see all of you soon.

Naomi :))

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Form ONEs : Join us for Prayer Meetings.........

Hi Form ONE CFers,

Please join us for Prayer Meetings every Mondays, Thursday & Fridays during recess, in front of the school hall.

You may ask "What do we do at Prayer Meetings ?"
Well, CFers come together to dwell in the Lord's presence as we pray for each others' needs, encourage & bless one another, message sharing by our senior CFers (Timothy, Heidy & Amanda) and fellowship.

So, come along to Prayer Meetings and bring along your friends to join us :)

Jesus says in Matthew 18 : 19 - 20 :
19 : "Again I say to you that if two of you agree on earth concerning anything that they ask, it will be done for them by My Father in heaven."
20 : "For where two or three are gathered together in My name, I am there in the midst of them."

Naomi :)

Feb 11th 2011 : NO CF meeting

Dear CFers,

In accordance to the school activities' takwin, there will not be any CF meeting this Friday (soo sad....)

We will meet again next Friday, February 18th at 1245hours (yippee)

Meanwhile, if you are keen to attend the CF Camp; please collect the camp registration forms from your form representatives soon. Limited to 150 campers only.
If you wish to enjoy the early bird camp fees rate (RM190), please submit your form and camp fees in an envelope to your form representatives before February 18th, 2011.

Till we meet again, pray continue to be the lighthouse that the Lord has made you to be among your friends and family :)

In His Love,
Naomi :) :)

Sunday, February 6, 2011


Warmest greetings in Jesus’s name to all CFers,
Do you desire to serve the Lord?
If your heart’s desire is to say “Yes, Lord; Here I am....” but you are unsure of how and where; well, NOW is the time; and CF is the place where the Lord has placed you in, to begin serving Him during your schooling years.
You can choose to serve Him in these areas/departments in CF :-
Do you long to come back to the heart of worship with the Lord? Can you play the piano, guitar, tambourine, drums and any other instruments that are in harmony with the Lord’s praises? If yes, join the WORSHIP Department.
Has the Lord touched your heart to reach out and encourage persons He place in your daily life? If your heart is stirred to do so, serve Him in the ENCOURAGEMENT Department.
Has the Lord blessed you with a hospitable heart and joyful personality? Do you enjoy making everyone feel right at home wherever they are? If you have the gift of hospitality, extend your warmth to all in the USHERS Department.
Do you have a burning desire to write and design for Him so that His love can be shared in writing to all? If your answer is yes, pen your thoughts down in the CF Newsletter with the NEWSLETTER Department.
Do you have an interest in technical and electrical skills? Do you want to learn more about the PA systems? If yes, wire up with the PA Department.
Has the Lord bless you with a fit and strong physique? Do you take great joy in ensuring that your fellow peers are warmly seated in a comfortable environment during CF meetings? If yes, your strength is greatly needed in the GROUNDS Department.
Please fill in your personal details in the CF Departments' Recruitment form posted on CF notice board, before February 14th, 2011J
God bless each of you in abundance for humbling your hearts to serve HIM JJ
Naomi JJJ