Sunday, February 27, 2011

Feb 26th : Merentas Desa CF Fund Raising - THANK YOU :))

Dear CFers,

Heartiest THANK YOUssss to all of you who helped out with Feb 26th CF Jellies & Lollies Stall
- from the making of the delicious chewy Konnyaku Jellies, cool Icee Lollies and refreshing Ice YoYo to the packing, selling and cleaning on Feb 26th 2011.

Our grateful thanks also goes to Pn Saik & Pn Juliana for their tremendous support and help extended towards making this a successful project.

Part of the funds raised on Feb 26th were contributed to SMKDJ and the balance for CF Camp 2011.

Thanks be to our Lord for His mighty Hands that blessed this fund raising project.

Naomi :))

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