Monday, August 24, 2009

All For A Good Cause

Dear CFers. As announced during the previous CF meeting, we are having a baking session.
Actually, we're having 4 bake offs which are all going to be headed by 4 different seniors at 4 different centres, and very much so, 4 different days of the week.

so to those of you baking enthusiasts who've already signed up, you can be sure that you're in for a wonderful time of slaving over the HOT kitchen stove fellowship over baking cookies. :)

but to those of you who were equally as enthusiastic, but just couldn't reach for the pen buried deep under the big rugby team of friends, FEAR NOT. we can sure use all the help we can get. just get in touch with one of the seniors eg, tian xi, ken vyn, ry-ann, or elena.

All in all, do not let your excitement for this event make you lose sight of the objective of this CF Baking Session 09.

which is, of course,
To Raise Funds to Sponsor Our Non-Christian Friends to Attend CAMP 2010!
so let us Bake hard, Sell hard, and Pray equally as hard too.

Together, lets commit this event into God's hands.
and remember that what we're doing now is to Bless others, just as God Blesses us.

i 'Batter' see you there,
geddit?? batter-better? :)

Sunday, August 16, 2009


No, there isnt CF this Friday ( 21/08/2009) ):
Anywayy, have a blessed week ahead and to all the form 3s and form 5s, all the best for your trials! There isnt CF the following week either ( 21/08/2009) since we'll be having our raya hols then! Do your best and let God do the rest :) Dont stress out too much! Have a great week ahead and remember to spend your holidays wisely! Take care,loves :)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Yes, we DO have CF this Friday :D
What are we haaavviiiiiing? Last last week was Step Up Step Down, so this week will be...
So yes, we really really do hope to see all of you ( yes, YOU) at block f from 1-2pm THIS FRIDAAAY - 14th of August '09 :)
Come come come! See you there! :)

...Dear form threes and form fives, all the best for your trials aights?
Do your best and let God do the rest. Dont stress out too much!

Have a great weekend everyoooone :)
Yes Cheryl. I updaaaated! Heh.