Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas


CF would just like
to wish you guys a
very Merry Christmas!
and a wonderful year ahead.
We hope and pray for you guys
that the year ahead will be fruitful and
filled with lots
of fun!

God Bless You Guys!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

hello people! don't forget about the christmas party this friday! scroll down for details (:

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if you are still blur and can't read maps or genuinely have a problem :D,
contact Derrick on his cell, 012 3712153 or Cheryl at 012 3097796, or Tze Lin at 012 9196612

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Hello Cfers!

As you some of you know, a bunch of really swtnening and machoocie cf-ers went for NSCFL camp!

Osh oosh ooshie! There's so much to tell I dont know where to start.
This is gona be an uber long post, so I hope Cheryl will keep her clicking finger under control.

Okay, So let's start with DAY 1

Front to the backside : Dennis and I,Tze Lin and Jaclyn, Alycia and Yi Fen.

(The dark guy right at the back, just beside Yi Fen's head is David Rosh.)

(He likes to make you laugh in a very time wasting way)

Tian Xi is beside Ken Vyn fyi

Thats 10 right there. So the other 5 is :
1. Heidy Quah

2. Andrea

3. Christopher Tan

4. Shall-Reign &

5. Cheryl

Okay. So the "Who went?" question has been answered!

So NSCFL was basically the same as our school camp. IF you can't imagine that, that means
you haven't come for one of SMKDJ's CF CAMPS yet.
So make sure you do so next year.

Okay, So we arrive and what does we getz?

.MamipokoPantsOur Camp File!

( Comes with some stuff,like the camp booklet )

OH. I am only gona post about the sessions that I think SHOULD be posted
So you might see some jumps here and there. But just ignore that. Its the message that counts (:

Okay, So moving on. its 8.15pm, worship was awesome, now its time for the session!

Theme Talk 1

Camp Speaker : Pastor Michael Williams

camp Theme : Living Stones in a Broken World

Session Message : I am a stranger to the world

Is the speaker adorable? : Yes

Mark Teen-ish : YESSSS!

So the message of the night, summed up, is that we as Christian's should live like a stranger
in this world, only then can we truly spread God's Word as how God wants us to.
God has chosen us so that we may sanctify others.Lets say, If you are like those popular people
and you want to spread the Word in a way God has asked you to, but you dont want to because,
if you were to do that then those monkeys( monkey c monkey do? )around you will think you are weird.
You wont be cool anymore, so you disobey God so that you may be accepted by those people around you.
Thats why it is important to be a 'stranger' in this world, Only then can God truly USE us.

So that was the message for the night,after that we had our group moments,supper, washed up,
went to bed and died.


Okay, So the day started off with this new activity that I have never experienced before.

ITs called the Leaders Assembly.... and to my horror,it STARTS at 7.15.

Imagine what time we have to wake up.

So anyways, LA is quite cool. It started off with some camper randomly picked to be the
'one who gets stoned' for the day. So the speaker gave a few people in the front rubber balls and paper balls.
To throw at that guy( becuz he lied ). So he got us all ready and told us to throw at the countof three.
So, 1,2.... EH! wait wait. Only those who have never lied in their life can throw. Guess what happened
and you have figured out the message!

After that was this thing called


Here some points from that session. I don't want to tell a storybook length about this. LAter the post,
will be too long.Anyways, this is quite an important session because it teaches us...

1.For God.

2.For Ourselves.

3.For Others.

SCF's are important. Especially when it helps us to grow in our faith and help us to learn and understand
more about why we believe in what we believe in.

Hehe,Breakfast here.



A CF is strong when there is :

1. Capable Leadership

2. COmmitted members who are actively involved <- - - - Preach it Brudda~!

3. Meaningful Programs ( relevant, creative etc. )

4. Loving Community (Genuinely interested[NOT THE BF-GF TYPE OF INTEREST] in each other.)

5. Spiritual Ministry

All Christians are leaders. We were kinda bamboozled when he explained it to us.
So he gave us a mathematical formula to make it easier *cough*
Christian = Server = Leader.
Like how Jesus, wiped the feet of his disciples?
In a way, servanthood = leadership (This is my opinion lar.So yeah)


Speaker : Pastor Michael Williams

Sessions Message : The Spiritual House

Adorable? : As always

Mark Teen-ish? : Super-Duper Yes.*Gosh La*

So, we are living stones.Living stones that are used to build a house, a spiritual house.
And this house, Jesus as our cornerstone, shall be built for others ( non-believers ).

As Christians, Go wants to use us so that we may bless others.

Okay. So here comes an interesting question.
Its a salt test. How do you make salt not salty?

Lame answer : You put it on dried fish, because then it will be salt-ED fish. Nt salt-Y

Correct answer : By adding water or not adding any at all.

This is an analogy,through the context of SCF,of the situation in our school and the world.
There is too little Christians (salt) to saltify(?) the non-Christians.

Also, here is something we can relate to ( I think ).
"If you fail your exams,you might not know what God
is tryin to teach you now.But in God's eyes, you have many second chances in years to come"

Here's some pictures of camp food as a lil break from all those talks.

Its Jac!

Look at the FOOD not the DOODs. ( omg so lame! )


It rained quite alot here,so it was UBER freezing in the morning.

Told u it rained!

Leaders Assembly 2

So the alarm rings again at 6.30 *yawn*

Okay, this leaders assembly was quite nice.Hehe. The message this time is to watch our words.
Especially words with the intention to hurt, to discriminate, to belittle and to curse.
Hence, the analogy of toothpaste. Once its out, its out. You can't put it back in.
And the speaker conveniently took out a tube of toothpaste and totally VANDALISED the floor
with toothpaste, just to prove his point. At the end of this LA, the new phrase was....


Theme talk 3

Speaker : Pastor Michael Williams

Sessions Message : Sleeping and the Word of God.

Interesting? : Of course

Mark Teen-ish? : Yeapeedoodlez.

I am not so sure I got all my notes right here and I don't have that many too. But I think that
these notes are still important for us to know.

Taking up the Cross
This simply means that, we are going to die.

Sleeping is important. How can you do things the spirit wants you to do if you are not in tune with the spirit?
Hehe! Staying up till 1-2 paying/chatting etc. is not very beneficial. We should sleep so that we can
wake up early to receive the Word of God.

So,we should sacrifice abit so that we can do what the Spirit wants us to do in this modern world.


We were supposed to have the 2nd games session for the camp but NOoOoO! What happened? The "lil-Miss/ter Cant't Get
Wet In Moisture From The Air" of the camp totally democrated and voted for "NO games". This includes some lamo flavo
SMKDJ-ians. SO annoying ==

Anyways,Theme talk 4. I can't remember what Pastor MJ(Michael Jackson :O) said that night. Sorry. Was soooo engrossed in
his talk I forgot to write notes. Ah well. TOO BAD, WHO ASKED YOU NOT TO COME FOR CAMP? TSK TSK. xD jking.


Leaders Assembly 4.

This one was kind cute,fun and sneaky. It started with a table full of knickknacks and paddywhacks.
We had to remember as many things on the table as we can, then we have to recall them and write them down afterwards.

So 1 minute on the clock. WRITE!









Just to let you know. There was a cross on the table. Quite a number of people forgot the cross.
So the message is although simple, carries a whole lotta truth. We tend to lose sight of the cross.
We get so caught up in our own....urm BLEARGHHHHH, until we don't realize that God is always there,
its just that we don't see Him.

Anyways, this day was the day nearly everyone talked( note the past tense ) about at least once.
It's because this day has "Silence and Solitude". What's this you ask? Well basically, its 3 hours of total silence
where nobody talks with anybody except God. It was a time for us to devote this 3 hours to only God and listen to Him and
to communicate with Him. Personally, It was an engaging experience and it really taught me something invaluable la.

After nearly 4 hours( since everyone found SUCH secluded spots and didn't have a clue what the time was ) it was over!

Then everyone started to get ready for the SPECIAL DRESS DINNER!*please feel excitement while reading this ty*

Tian Xi and Andrea ain't there.

But here he is here getting punished. Im not gona type out why and how. So ask him urself xD

ANDREA. Sorry, But i dun have ur photo. :( Try to send me 1 k?

JAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJA. Its the 5th night, that means????

Day 6

No la, not yet, notice day 6 is not "DAY 6". I forgot to tell you. NSCFL campers were given an assignment. Since during the
first theme talk with Pastor MJ, he shared with us Simple Plan's Song "Welcome to my Life". So the lyrics were all emo-emo,the world hates me and so do you, and I am all alone. So what we had to do was to prepare a song to respond to
Simple Plans song. Each games group = 1 song. So we performed it this night and WOW!, So many potential songwriters la.


Just some stuff and we all got ready to go back home. Shall-Reign's hairdryer fell into the sink while the tap was on
And nearly electrified the world. JOKING. ANDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD........

Abra Kadabra were back Home!

Monday, December 1, 2008