Sunday, August 7, 2011

Step Up Step Down 2011

So this was the day everyone was waiting for. The next president... The next vice... The next committee... All's revealed here. But obviously, the committee wasn't going to give the answer straight away. ;)

The poor seniors had to wait. Look how anxious they are!! :O

Even this guy went a bit loony o__o

Lookie, our Cf president (at that time) looking so happy. And Yi Qian giving that "ok, smile...heh for the camera" look.

As usual, CF started with worship. Dang was worship leading that day. And if you don't know who he is, he's the loony guy you just saw. :P Worship was amazing that day, or so i felt. =D The CF-ers were jumping around, having a blessed time praising God!

*cough cough, another reason why you should come to Cf, cough cough =P*

Anyway, after worship and a short prayer, Samantha Cheh, our emcee for the day presented Pn. Saik, our beloved CF teacher advisor to give her speech. She was all dressed up for her very last CF meeting with us, looking very nice that day with this fancy-looking blue cheongsam. :) With all smiles as always, she started giving out words of advice, quoting bible verses and encouraging all of us to abide in the Word and grow in God. We're all going to miss you, Pn. Saik! :)

Then, the enjoyable performances we have every year commenced just to prolong the time of announcing who the next committee is. Hahahhaha, you'll never know who the next committee is if you don't stick around! to allow the CF-ers to unleash their talents and for those watching to be entertained! :D

The first one up was the oh most delicious band BLUEBERRY CHEESECAKE. Yum, yum. Rayshell Wong, Sam Koh and Christopher were singing Lady Antebellum's songs harmoniously that day while Boon Kuan, the only guitarist was strumming along! :) Their other member, Yi Fen was supposed to play that day, but due to unforeseen circumstances, she couldn't play. However, she has put in the same amount of effort as the other Blueberries, so hats off to her too!

The next performance was done by a very VERY cute bunch, namely the afternoon sessioners.

The one in Maju shirt was quite hyper that day.

You could see that the afternoon sessioners really put in a lot of effort in this play and that was what made it inspiring and also CUTE at the same time. Amazing part was, they did everything themselves, or the most crucial aspect which is the script-writing itself!!!

While this was going on,

Dear Sam here was giving out the senior cards that were to be a gift of appreciation from CF

Cassandra looks really intrigued with her card. "Hmmmmm, so this is what they think of me. Like that now lar. Hmph, all their attendance will be erased from the list"

And during these series of events, I had completely NO idea what these guys were doing. From what I get from this picture is that Jeremy is trying to show off his muscles with this dumb bell that looks really light and Christopher is like "HAR, YOU LOSER, I can do better than that." Meanwhile, Johanan is in the state that I am in now- wondering what's going on.

Anyway, reverting back to the performances,

Awww, look at Evan. THUMBS UP PEEPS. SHO CUTE!!!

After their amazing performance, next one up tries to reach a very high note. So what is the next performance.........

Why, it's the singing duo, James Lim and Deborah Wong! Such BEAUTIFUL voices they have! :) Just like the previous performances, these guys really put in a lot of effort, and their effort paid off. So much so,

It made this vice-president tear up.

She was tearing because of she was touched by all the performances she watched. :')

Everyone in this picture are all smiles, except Daniel maybe. He looks like he doesn't understand the performances. :P Long story short, this CF meeting was an enjoyable event. :)

Heh, look at Jun Wei!! He's scrounging his senior card! :O as if saying, "ROAR, who dares make this senior card for me!" :P

Dang on the other hand (guy on right) looks like he's never seen a camera before. Hmmm, intrigued. ;)

When the singing performance ended, the performance was NOT OVER YET!!! Out of nowhere, the afternoon sessioners brought these really HUGE card just for the presidents, Timothy, Heidy and Amanda.

The pressies showing off their very colorful cards. They were very, very touched by the love shown by the Afternoon Sessioners. :) Such a lovely bunch you guys are, Afternoon sessioners! :)

And then it was time for the FINALE!!! The moment everyone was waiting for. Without further ado, our emcee Samantha Cheh started off her magic announcing the faces of the new committee.

This new committee was downsized and so that explains why the committee is smaller now. Each year, it was tradition to give each other gifts on the stage and that was exactly what we did.

As minutes passed all the people in the old and new committee stood in lines at the stage. All but 2 !!!

The moment everyone's been waiting for.

*drum rolls*

First off, the vice president of CF is.........................


And who might ze president be??


Awww, look at her smiling so happily at Tim. =D

Yup people, she's the next prez.


As the everyone stepped forward, Pn Cheng urged and led the fellow CF-ers to pray for both the old and new CF committees as well as our teacher advisors.

Now that this huge suspense was over, this was the moment of a new beginning.

The very "serious" committee!!

Sadly, this is the last CF meeting we're ever going to have for this year.

But then again, we're unfolding a new chapter in our lives. And the committee will be busy squeezing their brain juice planning for the NEXT CF CAMP !! Can i hear a WOOT WOOT!!!

Although CF is over, prayer meetings isn't so come for prayer meetings!! It's a time when you can bond with your fellow brothers and sisters in Christ and grow together in Christ. =D

Anyway, hahahha, i didn't post who the new committee is in this post, but if you'll look to the right sidebar,oooh, what' this...... The names of the new committee are there!!!

Before this post ends,

a very


Thank you for guiding us all the way in our walk in CF; lending us words of wisdom, and inspiring us all to serve like you all did. =D We will do our very best to keep this going. All glory to God! :)


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