Thursday, June 24, 2010

Right or Wrong?

Hi guys! There's CF tomorrow by the way. Sorry I forgot about this while updating about the carnival thing yesterday.

Anywaay, yes, there's CF tomorrow ( and next week as well!) :) I know many of you guys might be wondering why we have CF this week especially since Encik K announced during assembly that this week is an academic week so let me tell you guys why. 

Remember last month when we celebrated teacher's day? Yeah, the 14 of May. We were supposed to have CF then but didn't manage to so it got postponed to this week instead :)

 CF this week+CF next week = CF for two weeks in a row = double yay! :) 

Here are the details :

When? This Friday (25/06/2010)
Where? Block F
What time ? Usual CF time, 12.45-2.15
What are we having ah? Right or wrong! It'll be interesting, so come and join us! :)

Hope to see you there! God bless you <3 Have a great weekend ahead.

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