Tuesday, December 8, 2009

CF Music Workshop 2009.

Helllo hello!
Do you guys remember what we're having on the 7th,9th,10th and 11th of December?
If you guys don't remember, we're currently having a CF Music Workshop! So to all those who signed up for it a few months ago, please come yeah? If I'm not mistaken, an email has been sent to all of you who signed up so please, please do check your email :)

Those who are invovled on the :-

7th of December :-

Acoustic guitar
1. Darien Liew
2. Lee Han Jiang
3. Brandon Tan
4. Sean Low
5. Lim Yi Fen
6. Rayshell Wong
7. Justin Yap
8. Heidy Quah
9. Andrea Prisha
10. Rufina Teng
11. Wong Yue Teng
12. Yvonne Tan
13. Naomi Tan
14. Chew Yi Ling
15. Alycia Tan

9th December :-

1. Brenda Chin
2. Yvonne Tan
3. Chew Yi Ling
4. Alycia Tan
10th December :-

1. Samantha Koh
2. Lim Yi Fen
3. Heidy Quah
4. Andrea Prisha
5. Naomi Tan
6. Brenda Chin
11th December :-

Worship Leading/Vocals
1. Brenda Chin
2. Jason Wee
3. Samantha Koh
4. Lim Yi Fen
5. Rayshell Wong
6. Justin Yap
7. Samantha Cheh
8. Wong Yue Teng
9. Yvonne Tan
10. Chew Yi Ling
11. Alycia Tan
Band Session :
Everyone who signed up for the music workshop.
Check your e-mails. All the details are sent to you guys, location, timing, everything
Frequently Asked Questions
1. What is Band Session?
Band Session is the time where all the instruments will come together and a mock worship session will be held. We will assign you to your mock worship teams, and each worship team has a time slot. This is so that you guys will experience how it is like to be playing in a full worship team because it is very different to be playing alone and playing in a band!
2. But I signed up for more than one instrument! How now brown cow?
This means that you will be assigned to more than one worship team. Example, in Team 1 you are a guitarist, and in Team 2 you are a vocalist. Something like that.
3. Whoa, 2-6pm for Band Session. That is long! Must I come throughout the whole thinggg?
Yes you have to. You can learn from each others' mistakes, as one can teach you the things to do during a worship practice, BUT no one can teach you what NOT to do during a worship practice. However, if you face difficulties with the timing, tell me before hand so that I can put you in a worship team at a time you are able to be present.
4. I signed up for the Worship Leading Workshop, does this mean that I have to go for the Band session too?
Yes, you do. For those who signed up for the Worship Leading/Vocals Workshop, it means that you have to come from 11.00am - 1.00pm, and in between that we will head out for lunch nearby, and head back to Yi Qian's house after that!
5. I signed up for more than one instrument. Do I have to attend ALL my respective workshops?
Yes, you do + Band Session.

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