Saturday, June 20, 2009

Recess Revolution

Hello there everyone! 
So, if you were at our last CF meeting you probably realised we've been throwing around the words "Making A Difference"
Well, Kenji shared that day about Recess Revolution and if you are still in the blur of what it's about..
"Recess Revolution is a movement/mobilization of young people who are maximizing “recess time” in schools to make a statement of what they believe in, and to make an impact by being a positive influence right where they are. It is a coming together of like-minded, “like-spirited” youths to do something* together in their schools with a mission to make the difference and bring about positive change (i.e. revolution)! It is not just about bringing people to Christ, but - even more so - about bringing Christ to people (and into schools)!"   - continue reading here
Okay so now you know what recess revolution is. Now, why? why on earth should we waste one day of recess doing recess revo when we can have prayer meeting like we always do?
well, allow me to refresh your memory. Our theme for CF this year is
Reach In, Reach Out.
It's awesome that we have prayer meetings but as christians we should know its not all about us. its really all about sharing with other people God's Love and Grace. There is no point in keeping all of God's love and grace to ourselves isn't it? 
As God followers we are not only called to 'follow God' ourselves but also to get other people who have no idea who Godis to 'follow God'
so, Reach out. Some of us might have been thinking, reach out? how to reach out?
okay, so howhowhow right?
Little things like helping a teacher out or sharing your food with someone can start that little spark that'll open up opportunities to share with people about God. :) seriously.
By joining Recess Revolution we can put our heads together to think of ways and things to do that'd make a difference. 
So i encourage all of you to join Recess Revolution or start a Recess Revolution group in your forms to meet up during recess.
For the form 4 and 5s it has already started and i encourage you guys to join it if you haven't.
Form 3s, i know there is a smaller number of you but you can always start it among yourselves. :D 
And for the form 1 and 2s you guys can use one of the days to do recess revolution, yesyes? since you all have prayer meeting everyday anyway. :D
yep, so if you guys have any questions and want to know more or want to know what you can do.. talk to Kenji (5 Nemesu) or any of the 3 presidents :D

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