Saturday, March 22, 2008

CF Camp For Me Was.. -by Nerissa Anne

Well, it's so sad camp is over for the year 2008.

I wish i could turn back time and start all over again. Many people in camp loved Pastor Sandra and her amazing sessions about God. I know I did. She showed how much she loved God and His people and how we should run the race and

Well she also spoke about Choices. Choices we make in life are either good or bad , they are still choices. She also spoke about Challenges we face in everyday life just like God did. Challenges to me means temptations in our path merely knocking us down and waiting for us to crumble and fall. The Devil is the one who tests our faith in God and to allow us to prove how much we believe in Him. Pastor Sandra also told us the the Devil knows how powerful we are as followers of Christ and how much change and miracles that can happen if the Devil does not stop us.We as Christians are suppose to fight for our generation and preach the Gospel.

There was one story that Pastor Sandra told us that brought me to tears....

Well the story goes like this, there was this fifteen year old girl from China. During the olden days the message of God could not be proclaim openly. So the people of China build secret underground churches. One day the Chinese soldiers found the underground churches and raided the premises... There tore out the picture of Jesus and said "You have to deny this God, by doing that you have to spit at Him" So the Pastor as the leader of the church came up to the front and spat at Jesus' potrait. The rest followed along and spat at Jesus. But this fifteen year old girl, came forward and wiped the spit from the picture of Jesus and said

"No i cannot deny my God"

the soldiers were dumb struck by the girl's actions and said "If you have so much faith in this God then this must be a real God, " then the soldiers set her free. This shows that we should have faith in God, and trust in him, just like this fifteen year old girl did.

We also have to be Champions, and chart the way of God.

The next best thing that i LOVED about camp was the games. Kenneth and Johanan did a great job by keeping us busy with the games. We also had to do alot of team work... that means getting along with each other. I think Bombay-who won first place for Spotlight Night, and the Station Games- had awesome team work. Don't ask about my group.... but i would defintely give ourselves credit and as long as we know that we are Champions in our hearts then we already won CHING!!!!!! (ed: inside 'camp' joke ;] ) Well, helping out in worship leading was a great experience for all us new comers too.

We enjoyed ourselves with great and vibrant music and amazing songs that shook us all. One of my favourite songs form camp are "Hosanna"and "All For Love". These songs inspired me the most to Keep the Faith for God and for all the young people who doesn't know God yet. I hope it spoke through all our hearts in camp and not only mine.

Well as i end this time of blogging about camp, I just hope and pray that everybody still has the power and the zest in their hearts to fight for God. Not only in camp but in everyday life. We must not give up on God because if we do who else will fight for The Kingdom Of Glory. We as Christians are suppose to set an example for the rest and be a light for God and everybody around us. Well i hope you enjoyed my time blogging and had a great time and experience with God and the fellow campers. CHING!!!!!

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