Saturday, January 26, 2008

Recruitment Drive


This coming Friday CF will be having
Recruitment Drive

don't know what's recruitment drive?

well its basically a day where all the department heads introduce their departments and encourage you to join them !

If you've always wanted to serve God but never got a chance,
well here it is!

Join us on the 1st of February 2008, 12.45-2.00pm, School Hall

I'll list down the departments for ya'll to browse thru and try to give you a better understanding on the departments you can join

1. Worship Department

if you can sing or play any musical instruments used during CF

then this dept is the right one for you!

2. P.A Department

they fiddle with wires and make sure everyone can hear the person talking in front. haha

Technical? this is for you then :)

3. Ushers Department

they put on their smiling faces and welcome all of you to CF.

Think you're friendly and sociable? join them !

4. O.H.P Department

they look after the OHP machine and make words appear on blank walls.

wanna do that? sign yourselves up !

5. Tambourines Department

they are like the substitute for drums. but better.haha

Like dancing and playing the tambourines? what are u waiting for??

6. Newsletter Department

they publish the CF newsletter every 2/3 months.

Like to write or design? join them !

7. Encouragement Department

they make the cards for all of you as a form of encouragement.

and of course they do other stuff as well :)

loove making cards and art work? then this will be the right one for you!

8. Grounds Department

They pack up the tables and chairs and clean the floors

for you to keep your butts clean during CF !

Think you've got muscle? join them to help out!

9. Publicity Department

they look after the board and make sure you know where CF meetings are held.

Oh and they publicise CF's meetings too!

Love designing and feel creative? Join us !

well thats about all the departments you guys can choose from.

don't worry if you want to join more than one department,

you're definitely welcome to do so :)

so i'll see ya'll then lahkay !

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