Thursday, October 25, 2007

Silver Airplanes

PJEFC will be having its annual play,
Silver Airplanes (sounds cool, no?)
The theme of this play is forgiveness
I'm sure this will be a fantastic play so do consider going :)
the play will be shown on three days :
Friday- 8.30 pm
Saturday-4 pm
Sunday- 9 am (its combined with the church service)
so if you're busy on Friday there's always Saturday and Sunday
so make sure you don't miss this great play !
you guys can bring your friends too, of course
The play will be held at PJEFC church itself
if you don't know where PJEFC is, you can contact Kenny Kan(
or the many other DJ CFers that attend church there

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Lanelle said...

Good for people to know.