Tuesday, July 17, 2007

just a quick reminder ! for next week. you can find out what's happening in cf right here ! cf will be having 3 ON 3 . groups of 3 will be acting for you all. those who want to join , please do. its a great way to tell others about the great stories in the bible. yes, the group will be given a secret verse, a secret person and a secret prop. remember 03/08/ 07 will be the day cf will be packed with loads of people. dont miss out. its a must come event. those who would like to participate , please see Sara Pang(3 Ker) and Jordan Too(3 Jati) and hurry up too : )

but this week we will be having P3w which is awsome cause we will be doing the most important things that GOD wants us to do. Praise. Worship. Prayer. Passion.


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