Thursday, May 17, 2007

P3W-Prayer, PrAisE,PaSsioN, aNd WorShip!

Don't get yourself wrong!it's not an add math formula thing!
yea! that's what CF having this week! Prayer,Praise,Passion and Worship!
Feeling curious about what is it about?
Feeling stressout in the midst of exam?
Feeling your life has no purpose or hope anymore?
Being paranoid about too many things?
Being a person who thinks that life is so boring?
Being too desperate over so many things in your life?
THEN check this out! I'm sure you will feel 'recharged' through this!
Date- 18/5/2007
Time- 12.45-2.15pm.
Venue- Block F
Looking Forward to meet u peeps!

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